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            A unique one-size system that fits from infant to toddler.

            100% Cotton

            Simple & Flexibile

            Choose from a range of soaker options that attach to a soft, comfy waterproof outer shell.

            100% Cotton

            Easy To Use

            When your baby’s diaper is wet, simply remove the Soaker Pad or disposable BioSoaker from the Shell and replace with a new one.

            100% Cotton

            Absorbency Options

            Choose from either Organic Cotton SoakerNo Prep Soaker or our eco-friendly disposableBioSoaker.

            100% Cotton

            Shell Options

            Choose from Hook/Loop or Snap closure. Hybrid shells can be worn 2-3 times before laundering again, which positively impacts both your wallet and the environment!.




            The Most Flexible System.

            The hallmark of our Hybrid design is simple flexibility. You may choose to stick with one type of soaker, or you may want to experience the full range of options. GroVia’s soaker options are designed with elasticized leg gussets and waterproof backing to contain messes. BioSoakers adhere to the Shell with sticky tabs, and Soaker Pads snap in.


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